45% Costs Reduction Thanks to Automated Management

Automation of resource acquisition based on the current reserves level


Automation of reserves aquisition based on their consumption


Costs reduction up to 45 % compared to non-automated systems

Fast and Multilevel Alarm Feedback

  • Island-system provides immediate alerts in case of failure of measurement technologies
  • The type of feedback to a maintenance depends on failure seriousness
  • Early alarm can save technologies from considerable damages

Visualization on Screens, Monitors and Mobile Devices

  • Island-system calculates and displays the latest information about storage tank levels or piping flow rates
  • Island-system displays the current status of all connected measurement devices
  • Visualization SW application is available both for PC and mobile operating systems

Comprehensive Reports

  • Daily summary graphs of resource production, storage and distribution within the user-specified time interval
  • Tables with data from all connected measurement technologies
  • Reports can be used for comparison with databases from other systems