Water Storage Management

  • Automated management of water resources to ensure required water reserves - e.g. obtaining fresh water from desalination plant.
  • Automated flow control between individual water storage reservoirs  - e.g. Surplus of recycled water supply lack of fire water.
  • Automated management of water reserves according to priorities - e.g. fire water supplies have higher priority than fresh water supplies.

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Fuel Storage Management

  • Automated management of refuelling according to storage tanks repletion - e.g. Unmanned refuelling  from tankers.
  • Automated flow control between fuel balance tanks.
  • Automated checks of possible fuel leakage.


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Outputs Automated Management

  • Outputs dependency on automation conditions - e.g. Greenery irrigation in specified time frame under the condition of sufficient recycled water reserves.



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Automation Thresholds Setting

  • intuitive readjustment of threshold values for automation processes.
  • Restricted to system administrator and password protected.


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