VELAA Privat resort, Maldives

Water Treatment & Fuel Management Control System

In 2012, our company won a tender to establish data communication network on maldive's fushivelavaru island - the location of luxurious privat resort velaa. We've built there a passive optic network using poin-to multipoint technology "GEPON" for Ethernet, TV and radio broadcast.

Connecting all measurement control technologies for water and fuel management was the next phase of the project, which began in the 2nd half of 2013.

We've built an automation and control system called "Island-systems", overarching all connected measurement technologies in a complex management system. The system is based on 4 control units, communicates via ethernet with ethercat communication protocol. Island-systems displays processes on 3 touch panels and allows to run visualization on tablets or smartphones.

Water and Fuel Treatment in Velaa Resort

Sea water from the ocean and from boreholes is the only source of water on the island. The salt water goes through a process called Reverse Osmosis Desalination, resulting in fresh water, treated and stored in several tanks and then distributed into buildings around the island.

Wastewater treatment is another process there. Wastewater is diverted from the pits of each object into the main underground waste water tank and then it's pumped into the wastewater treatment plant. Recycled water is pumped into underground reservoirs from where it's distributed throughout the island for commercial purposes or for irrigation of greenery and golf course.

The tankers bring petrol and diesel for storage tanks refuelling. The fuel is then distributed to generator and incinerator rooms. Parallel pipelines from diesel storage tanks supply the boat fuel station.

Island-Systems controls and displays

  • Functional states of the solenoid valves and pumps for seawater desalination plant, wastewater treatment plant and refuelling.
  • Level measurement in sedimentation tanks before desalination process and the production quantity of fresh water from desalination plants.
  • Functional states of level gauges, level control and volume calculation in storage tanks for fresh water tanks, wastewater & recycled water underground reservoirs and for petrol & diesel tanks, with option to view the history of measured data of levels and volumes.
  • Functional states of distribution pumps and solenoid valves, distributed fuel and water flow measurement, with option to view the history of measured data of water and fuel consumption.

​Automation part of Island-Systems

Supplies of fuel & water are under constant supervision of automation part of Island-systems.

  • The system provides automatic response for modification of seawater obtaining and for subsequent desalting process, in case of lower or higher fresh water level than limit values.
  • In the underground tank with recycled water, there is a volume capacity intended as a store of fire water, which should never fall below a specified minimum. If the system records decrease below that minimum value, underground tank is automatically supplemented by fresh water.
  • The process of greenery irrigation and the golf course irrigation is also run automatically by the system, based on a user-specified timetable and subject to sufficient supplies of recycled water in underground storage tank.
  • Refueling from the tankers is automatically managed according to volume value in fuel storage tanks. The system also automatically manages boat fuel station supplying, according to amount of fuel in diesel storage tanks. 

Visualization and feedback part of Island-systems

The system clearly displays the functional states of connected technologies and quantities from measured data on 3 visualization touch panels, placed at appropriate locations in the resort. In addition, it's possible to run visualization screen on tablets or smartphones.

Island-systems in Velaa resort allows:

  • Viewing actual status of each connected measurement device and actual overall state of the whole system.
  • Calculating and displaying current values of flow in distribution pipelines, tanks filling volume and water & fuel consumption.
  • View a history of measured values on a specified day or within user-specified time interval.
  • Alerts in case of any undesirable or critical system condition with help of color indications on visualization screen, sending an email and SMS message to an authorized maintenance person.
  • View the list of undesirable states and critical states on visualization screen.
  • Remote calibration of level-gauges with help of visualization panels.
  • Weekly summary graphs of daily production of fresh water, recycled water, water used for irrigation of greenery and golf courses – exported as pdf report.
  • Remote inspection of ISLAND-SYSTEMS functionality and service via Virtual Private Network(VPN).
  • Visualization on tablets and phones with iOS or Android operating systems.

More pictures from Velaa Private Resort

Island Systems Outer Switchboard Instalation under the Jetty Irrigation instalation on Golf Course Irrigation Water Storage Tanks Reel on the Beach Water Pipeline Island Systems Communication Rack Reels on the Beach Water Gauge Petrol Storage Tanks View from Waterplane Island Systems Switchboard Inside