Control of Measurement Devices

  • Measurement devices functionality checks -e.g. power supply and outputs of flowmeters and level gauges.
  • Monitoring of devices' functional states with help of visualization software.
  • Alarm feedback in case of failure of any measurement device.


← Level Gauges mounted on top of Storage tank

Calculation and Display of Data

  • Data from measurement devices are calculated and continuously displayed - e.g. immediate volume value of diesel in fuel storage tank.
  • History of measured data and calculated values are displayed in comprehensive graphs - e.g. value of drinking water consumption in a user-specified time period.


Fresh Water production screen →

Visualization on Display Devices

  • Visualization can be operated on industrial display pannels, PC screens and mobile devices.
  • Visualization software can run on OS windows, Mac Os, android and iOS platforms.


← Monitor, touch panel and mobile devices

Monitoring & Automation Part of Visualization

  • Monitoring of all visualized processes is enabled for every user - monitoring can run on secondary display devices - e.g. PC monitor at the reception desk.
  • activation / deactivation of either whole system automation or individual parts of automation is permitted only to authorized personnel and password protected.


Touch panel for system monitoring →

Calibration of Measurement Devices

  • Easy and convenient calibration of measurement devices, remotely with help of visualization software.
  • Permitted only to authorized personnel and password protected.

← screen for calibration of water level gauges